The Lighthouse Church (TLC) was birthed in the summer of 2012 in a back garden in Canterbury when Gary and his daughter, Kathryn, were talking about church planting. God clearly said Dover and in particular that an area of the town called St Radigunds was the place and so over a period of several months the Moore family explored the calling with numerous trips to Dover.

After finding a house better than dreamed of, including a shed for Gary, they moved in June 2013 and began to explore what shape the church plant would take and so began an often painful period to discover what Gods will was.
From the very start they were involved with the wider Christian church and began serving on the Dover Foodbank and later the Dover street pastor’s initiative.
The name of the The Lighthouse Church came from a series of prophetic words and pictures from a number of people from a varied cross denominational pool and in such a way that couldn’t be ignored. Also the initials, T.L.C., have a wider meaning for many people, such as Tender Loving Care or The Love of Christ.
In March 2015, after much prayer, the Moore’s left the particular groups of church’s they were working with and applied for membership and accreditation with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Church’s (FIEC) and May 14th they were accepted into Fellowship and so began the journey to become a legal entity.
At this point they had been meeting in their home but in early June a move was made into what we now call our church home, the Triangles community centre in the St Radigunds estate.